Ohhh yeah, you’re here, welcome!

There is a reason we’ve found each other and I hope you take from my musings everything you need.

This is not a place sprinkled with motivational quotes doused in glitter. This blog is written from the heart, it’s raw and real. My experience, like most people, is that life is really f*cking tough at times, why sugar coat it?

It’s good when life goes to shit. Why? Because that’s when you learn and grow.

I’ve felt life’s dizzy highs, waves of adrenalin pumping through my veins making me feel invincible. I’ve also felt the devastating lows, when all you see is darkness. Loneliness grips your entire body so tight that you can’t breath and you don’t even know what the point of life is anymore.

My breakthrough was when I started to drop the expectations. I started to embrace every day, even when it was painful as hell. There have been so many times when I’ve felt like I’ve been losing my mind. Little did I know that’s a good thing.

All you want is to be happy, right? We are bombarded with messages every day that tell us we’re not good enough, that we need to keep buying more things, change our looks or go on the latest health craze, then we’ll be happy. We won’t. We are lost in the black hole of social media that was designed to make us feel connected, yet we’ve never felt more disconnected. Go figure.

Do I have all the answers? As if. Am I an expert in life? Hell no. Do I feel it’s my soul’s purpose to help others. More than anything in this world. Do I believe I have the authority to give you advise? Wish I did. Is that because of fear? Probably. But, on so many occasions I’ve been encouraged from beautiful souls to share my experiences and for some bat shit crazy reason they believe it will help others… So here we are.

I trust the calling and I have a deep desire  to connect with you so please get in touch and lets chat, about anything! We’ve connected for a reason after all.

If you’re still reading this, you’re the best!

As always, deepest love and gratitude.

V ✨